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  • Landscaping retaining walls


  • Pressure treated retaining walls


  • Steel I Beam or “soldier pile” retaining walls


Landscaping retaining walls are generally short being 12”-18” tall and are used to tier a slightly sloped hillside in order to plant that hillside. Landscaping retaining walls are mostly aesthetic and are generally built out of redwood in order to blend with the surrounding natural landscape. 

Pressure treated retaining walls tend to be 2’-4’ tall. Pressure treated retaining walls are generally used to hold up hillsides or elevation changes from one property to another. CRESTLINE uses pressure treated wood in these instances because these retaining walls have to be stronger. CRESTLINE generally uses bigger 4’X6’ posts and goes deeper into the ground, usually going two times the depth as the height of the wall.


Steel I beam retaining walls, also known as soldier pile retaining walls, are a construction method that is used for tall retaining walls holding back large amounts of hillside. In addition, steel I beam walls have the benefit of being extremely durable and lasting decades. These walls are built with steel beams that incorporate wood lagging in between them to form the face of the wall.  Steel I beam retaining walls tend to be used on walls that are over 4’ high and going up to about 10’ tall. These walls are used to hold back big hillsides or to create a parking area out of a big hillside with a cut.

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